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Kajaani – an insider’s secret of Finland

Kajaani is one of the many sweet spots of Finland that stay unknown and undiscovered besides the main attractions in Lapland and Helsinki


Скъпо ли е в Германия?

Този въпрос си задава всеки, който обмисля да се премести в Германия, било за следване или за работа. В първите месеци е нормално да се сравняват цени с българските. Много неща изглеждат по-скъпи в Германия. Но това не бива да плаши никого. Ето защо: Хранителни продукти Германия е страна на изключителна култура на спестовност, която… Continue reading Скъпо ли е в Германия?

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Finnish things that surprise me

It’s already three weeks of me in Finland and so far no real cultural shock (besides trying out salmiakki). Still, there are plenty of things that make me knit my eyebrows. The shower in the toilet This can be found in every toilet. Its use is controversial – „No, it’s definitely not for washing yourself“, „I… Continue reading Finnish things that surprise me

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Conquering Finland (with a broken hand^^)

Today it is Epiphany in Finland, an official holiday. I am in a city called Tampere and outside it is around -16°. It’s my third day here and time for a short recalling of the events of the last days. How come I am here and not in Germany anymore? I think it’s because of… Continue reading Conquering Finland (with a broken hand^^)