Аз живея

Conquering Finland (with a broken hand^^)


Today it is Epiphany in Finland, an official holiday. I am in a city called Tampere and outside it is around -16°. It’s my third day here and time for a short recalling of the events of the last days.

How come I am here and not in Germany anymore? I think it’s because of my endless curiosity. Due to it, I have already a Bachelor’s degree in Japanese studies and sociology and I pursue a second one in psychology.  For the last seven years, I lived in Germany, for the last four I worked in headhunting (this makes this blog a place for articles in my mother tongue on life, working, studying in Germany). And however interesting and satisfying my life was, my curiosity was poking me that I can make more out of my life. Learning more and more about the new funding programme Erasmus+, I became aware of the possibility of going abroad for an internship. So I ended up on finding a really cool job description on erasmusintern.org, applied, had an interview and then contract with the firm and Erasmus+ (big thanks to the international office of my university). This is the way I have gotten to all my jobs, btw, contrary to the widespread believe that connections are the only way.

Finding a flat in Tampere also worked out quite the way I once explained for Germany – I searched through multiple channels: applied for a dorm, looked up in facebook groups and put an advertisement on a Finnish page for rented flats. Out of numerous possibilities, I decided to stay in the flat offered me via tori.fi from a lady who has often had Erasmus students. Good decision since it is fully furnished, near my work and she was also ready to explain me and help me with many things.

So at the beginning of January, everything was settled, I only needed to take my flight and start it. In the evening before, I stumbled severely and broke my hand. Autsch! I spent the night hoping it’s not really broken and showed up in the little clinic at Frankfurt Airport at 9 in the morning before my flight to check it up. The staff did an X-ray immediately and send me to a hospital for the cast. So at around 10:30 I was in Krankenhaus Sachsenhausen (recommended me by them for being small and fast) and at 12:00 I got to the airport gate for my flight. It was quite a stressful morning. The flight itself and getting to Tampere were quite easy, with people helping me with my suitcase and a friendly taxi driver, who even asked me if I am from Germany due to my accent in English ^^.

On the next day I went to work for the first time and honestly, everything exceeds my expectations by far. I am lucky to work in one modern building, home for many start-ups including the one I am at. It has a restaurant, gym and a loooooot of working spaces and light. I fell in love with the office, too, since it is totally as I imagined a start-up office, more of a playroom for creativity, no fixed seats and tables, little library on the topic of work. It is a place that motivates. Additionally my colleagues are super inspiring. So my curiosity is now quite happy – there is a lot of input to process and a lot of new things to learn.

And how is the cold? Surprisingly easy to overcome actually. I feel the cold (and it was about -20° the first two working days) only when I go out and it is always for rather shorter periods like 20 minutes. The Extra Heat Tech collection from Uniqlo is a life-saver for me. Layering and letting no skin parts out is probably the secret. And the best thing: after -20° one looks forward -8° as if summer is coming :D

For more pictures, check out my instagram.

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